Monday, May 7, 2012

#writemotivation Monday check-up

Since last week I've added over 7k to the SFR novella(untitled at the moment). I started with 30k am now right at almost 38k. The title is in the air right now and I'm still pondering one. In the first few chapters I added a great deal of sexual tension/awareness of the other etc. In the middle of the novella I made the hero's mistake higher stakes. He really blows it. I added a scene that showed both H/h that my heroine really does care for him, even if she is angry with him.

While their issues are still unresolved a crisis happens and they are thrown into a dangerous situation with other people. They must work together and deal with risk and unknown outcomes. All the while, buried due to the action around them, my couple's relationship issues are still unresolved. 

The ending has changed quite a bit, so I need to plot through some of the new stuff I'm adding. 

That's where I am at right now! I'm pleased with my progress and my schedule to submit looks good.


  1. Wow! 7K in one week. Looks like you got off to a fantastic start to #WriteMotivation.

  2. Great progress! #WriteMotivation

  3. Way to go, Melisse! Sounds like you've got a really solid plan going. :D

  4. has my T-rex hand you some cookies! Well done! :D

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

  5. Way to go! Off to a great start!