Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#writemotivation End of May

My ending to the SFR novella is still not done, but it is because I got some new inspiration on details involved in the ending so I can't feel bad about that!

I also put an out of contract book up on Kindle, then ran it for free through today. I feel like that was successful. While I didn't hit the top 100 Free list, I got very close, with 112, and about 6k copies were downloaded. That's a lot of advertising! I have noticed a jump in sales of the two SFR I have on Amazon, so that was worth the time and effort.


  1. I was one of those downloads. Can't wait to read it, Melisse.

  2. Sorry, missed the download window! :D Anyway, good job with your goals. New inspiration is awesome too! Very proud of you.