Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I've been busy!

Home sick today with a tummy bug. Was not in the mood to write the hawt scene my WIP  was at, so instead I finished uploading a number of out of contract books onto Amazon KDP Select. I figure, they are just sitting on my hard drive, and none of them have letters of reversion of rights, so self publishing them makes all kinds of sense. With KDP I have those 5 days of free  downloads per book, which sounds like reader friendly promo to me!

I also decided to try all the branding information I've been getting. Four paranormal romances, M/F erotic romance, are coming out under a new pen name, while my SFR title is coming out under Melisse Aires.

Titles had to be changed, so Her Cyborg Awakes is the former Cybot Awakens.

Angel Magic is the former Her Accidental Angel, now by the amazing Brooklyn O'Bannon, hahaha.

Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice
is now The White Tiger and the Waitress. I did quite bit of editing on it since it was in a publisher generated series.

Shadow Rescue is now Vampire Rescue. My goal with the titles was to make contents plain.

I didn't get way expensive covers. After seeing Fifty Shades hit the big time with it's rather plain cover, I went that way. Her Cyborg Awakes was made by Erin Dameron-Hill, who made me a sweet deal, and two of the graphics were public domain. My last one, another former Del Fanatsma still needs to be edited, titled and a cover made.

Poor Brooklyn O'Bannon needs a lot of work on her website, and I suspect she'll never write a blog. Blog challenged, poor dear.

I'll post links later this week.

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  1. Makes you wonder how many other writers/personalities you've got in there, doesn't it? :-)