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Friday, April 13, 2012

#SFFS Snippet Thunder Mountain

Mission Mountains, Western Montana
This week I'm feeling random so I'm sharing a snippet from a WIP, Thunder Mountain(working title). It's a near future SFR in which contaminated asteroids have wrecked havoc. Set on a guest ranch in western Montana

      The three dread-locked individuals working on the van appeared to be related. Golden dreadlocks, golden brown skin, thin wiry bare arms. As Bleach got close he was startled to see that all three had whiskey gold eyes framed in dark lashes, and all three glared at him like cornered wolverines. Two were young men, the third was a young woman. They were from Texas, according to their license plates. Not accustomed to Montana neighborliness, for sure.
     “Hey folks. Anything I can do to help?”
     “Can we see your arms?” The young girl spoke, her tone terse. All three looked wary, dangerous.

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