Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#Writemotivation March 2012 Oh gosh!

I started off really well but then came down with a head cold. My plan is to stay up until 11 at night writing, which is normally no problem, but I've been dozing off around 8:30, so not getting much done. Hopefully tonight will go better!

This one is by me. Book was formerly titled Shadow Rescue. 


                            Erin Dameron-Hill
                Formerly Cybot Awakens

I recently got covers for three of my out of contract books, so will be getting them up at least on Amazon and B&N later this month. Have covers! I have no plans to promo these, but at least some of my backlist will be available.

But now that I have the cover I'm thinking of changing the title. Oh well.


  1. Gorgeous covers - wow!

    Sounds like rest is what you need - especially if you're conking out. I'm trying to get a little more sleep than I usually do since the flu seems to be making its rounds again.

    I hope you feel refreshed and good luck on your goals!! :)

  2. It's early in the month yet. You can so do this! hope your head cold goes away quickly!

  3. Love the covers, Mel. And don't fret just yet-- I think you can do this writing thing by the deadline!

  4. Nice covers. I really like the Cyborg one.

  5. Sorry to hear you're sick - definitely a lot of that going around. Sometimes a break from the writing is just what you need to come back reinvigorated, so don't stress. Hope you feel better soon.