Saturday, March 31, 2012

SffSat Snippet Cybot Awakened

This is a snippet from a work currently submitted and waiting: Cybot Awakened:

    The gown was exquisite, an artistic creation made specifically to accentuate Sabralia’s best features. She’d never looked lovelier in all her life. The finest Tanur lace, in shades of red, blue, and green, brought out the blue of her eyes and contrasted nicely with her long, dark brown hair. A low-cut neckline revealed deep cleavage, thanks to the ingenious cylifters in the gown’s bodice. Alfyt the Harem master was a genius at knowing what made a woman look alluring.
Sabralia swallowed hard and tried to look pleased. Alfyt was observant and she didn’t want him to notice anything odd about her behavior. Like how much she hated dressing in a translucent gown for the pleasure of the Emperor’s military commanders.
“Turn around,” Alfyt ordered, and she spun. The lacy gown floated, thanks to the cleverly concealed cylifters in the skirt.

You can read other Snippets by checking Link or following the twitter hashtag  #sffsat. 


  1. Love the fashion - and where can I go to get these cylifters? I'm not sure if Walmart carries those.

  2. I liked that snippet...and like Cary said, where can I get those cylifters. I girl can always use one of those!

  3. Cylifters! Sigh! Anything's got to be better than underwire! Why do I get the feeling she's up to something?

    Good luck with this!Great snippet!

  4. I want to know when the first guy is going to hijack the cylifter programming and cause them to pull the skirt up too far... ;-)

    Fun little snippet!

  5. Can I get an order for some Cylifters, too? lol.

    Wonderful snippet!

  6. Just reading your description of her in the dress certainly woke me up! Judging from the previous comments, I'd say there is definitely a market for these cylifters. :)

  7. Quite a gown--but I'm not sure I'd want a harem master designing my clothes.

  8. I don't think she'll be able to hide much in that gown, though, if she's up to no good. :D