Sunday, March 11, 2012

Current WIP, Novella/Novel Dilemna, News

I'm over 8k on the novella I'm writing for a submission call. Titled Starpath.

Talia, a grunt tech worker, gets the job of a lifetime when she is hired by Roan, lead singer and business manager of an interstellar mega-star clash band, The Rampage. What she doesn't know is that The Rampage is a money making front for a population of landless, secretive cat shifters, and the job she is going to perform for them takes place on a planet in the midst of a deadly civil war. The job itself is simple data retrieval, on a system she knows well. Getting to the job--that is the issue! That is outside her comfort level. So is Roan.

This is a space opera and, yes, veres into sci-fantasy/mixedgenre/slipstream with my population of cat shifters. But I so love the white tiger shifter clan I wrote in the now unavailable Tiger Juice
(paranormal romance). I decided to set the clan in the far far future. They are disgustingly athletic and fit, while Talia spends twelve hours a day in a float chair working a 3-d display, then returns home to her mentally diminished Grandpa. Her life is a dull grind with few things to look forward to.

Had a nice chat with fellow SFR author Kaye Manro about getting busy on something novel length  and the idea is brewing that Starpath has enough meat in it to expand--so I may abandon the whole novella/submission call idea. Thoughts are brewing.

Other News--I'm one of the 10 Unknown Scifi Romance Authors You Should Read in Heather Massey's blog on Heroes and HeartBreakers! Thrilled and honored. Garsh.

Backlist News-- Have covers(scroll down a few blogs) for three out of contract works. Will be nice to have them for sale again--so weird to look at my Amazon page and not see books!


  1. Hey-- I still really like this concept. I've got a few ideas to run by you (I'll email you) about the heroine. The plot sounds fantastic!

    And thanks for the shout out!

  2. Cool! I've been thinking about my heroine.