Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration Strikes!

I've been pondering nerd heroes and heroines for some time, but it hasn't been truly fruitful pondering.

I haven't come up with one of those inspirational scenes that start my stories. Nada, nuffin'. It is like my muse took off to some remote jungle, leaving me  on my own. Even worse, there's an anthology call I thought sounded really cool--but no ideas.

Add into this I've been thinking about sales. What was my best seller? A shifter novella--and I had planned to do all SFR for a year.

Today I decided to clean out my husband's ancient pc--removing programs, running defrag, the whole boring deal. Hubby was not feeling well so was watching all the seasons of Monk on Netflix, so I wasn't too tuned in! Spent the morning doing busy work--emails, promo, laundry etc. Not a stimulating day. And my muse decided to visit!

So now I have my Scrivener file set up, with a group of pictures gleaned from the net, a list of cool names, the start of a plot. Yay! Even have a cool title and name for the space ship: Rampage!

My nerd is a woman! And 20-40k by April 15 is doable!

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  1. Sometimes inspiration comes when you let your brain rest a little and don't fight so hard. It's like your conscious mind sometimes gets in your own creative way. Glad to here your muse is working and the work is flowing for you now.