Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writing Right Now

I've been dragging my feet on finishing Galactic Game for submission. It is not that I don't like the story--I love it. Mostly it is because I have a low energy level and final editing takes concentration! I get off work, come home, nap, do my exercises...flake out or read a book. Next week I increase my work day, so we'll see how that goes. I'm 4.5 weeks post surgery so went back to work a little early. Some days are better than others, and some nights I don't sleep well so there is no point in getting all stressed out about writing progress at this point.

I decided to give myself a break and work on my synopsis for Starlander 2. A few nights ago I had a very visual, memorable dream that added a significant amount to the story...and changed the hero. I am adding it to what I had and then see if I like it.


  1. Just another thought: After I had surgery it took me several weeks to be able to focus enough to write. I also heard the same thing from another writer friend. Good luck! You'll get your motivation back.

  2. Yes, I had the same experience Alexa is talking about after my surgery.

    I like your plan. Go easy on yourself and take your easing back into it.


  3. Wow! A dream that changes the hero! Now that's creative.

    I think you are doing well under the circumstances.

    Hey, I'm having trouble myself doing edits (does take tons of energy) and I haven't had surgery!

    Can't wait to hear about that scene.

  4. I thought prior to the surgery I would get something significant done, but I didn't count on the exhaustion. Under normal circumstances I am not a napper at all--it is easier to get by on a few hours sleep than to take a nap(or try to nap). So the actual sound asleep naps on the couch with my dog finally gave me a clue!

    Kaye--maybe you could beta my synopsis when i have it done. My plan is to plan more, rewrite less.

  5. Have to agree with everyone else. Take it easy. If you force your writing, it won't be your best.