Friday, December 23, 2011

My Brother's Important Work

My brother Ken Furrow is a wildlife biologist and a documentary film maker. He has a great idea for a new project and is looking for ways to get it off the ground in this economy. I hope there are blogger readers out there that are interested in this project!

A Mountain Grassland Journal

Mountain Grassland Journal

We are producing an important feature-length documentary designed to positively influence the future of this inter-mountain region and we need your help to do it! We're asking you to pledge your support today and help us raise $12,800 to fund this timely film.

Our documentary examines regional agrarian landscapes and food resources, biological diversity, development and climate change in the Rocky Mountain inter-mountain prairie ecosystem. These areas are not only rich in cultural history and natural beauty; they are critical regions for our own food production capabilities in the face of human population growth and the precarious condition of our national economy.

The needle on our regional self-sufficiency scale has moved from preferable to essential. Because of increasingly unpredictable weather and economic changes, we can no longer depend on traditional sources (California, Florida, Oregon, etc.) for our primary food supply. Our sustainable future lies in more regional food production and holistic resource management and we have to move forward on this together now. Our film investigates if proactive strategies are being developed and implemented for managing our own resources for the balanced benefit of people, wildlife and our native environments.

Your contributions to the production of this film will make a tremendous difference in how the public views our joint responsibility and renewed opportunity to create a mutually beneficial, sustainable future for this region.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic, Mel. I didn't know this about your brother! I think we should promote this more after Christmas. Remind me.

  2. Have you heard of Kickstarter? It's a way to raise money by word of mouth. You create a Kickstart page, explain what you want to do, and then start posting info about it to drive readers toward the page. No one pays until the amount needed is pledged. It's funded through Amazon.

    Good luck with this project. It sounds wonderful!

  3. Kaye--that would be great.

    Kayelle--thanks for the info, will tell Ken.