Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time for Cocoa and Writing Update.

We got hit with frigid temperatures here in Wyoming. I'm staying home today, don't trust my cane and gimpy leg on ice.  So me and Baxter are cuddled up on the loveseat. I plan to do a little reading, some crocheting and some writing.

Works In Progress:

Wilder Woman of Urloon

As a young bride, Martine underwent a Wilder Adaption that left her with a disfiguring mottling to her skin, a stillborn child and a shortened lifespan. Her young husband only survived a few years following the procedure. She lives alone on a remote island, hunting, gathering, and weaving gorgeous textiles for her annual trip to a dome marketplace. In late winter, probably the last winter she will see, one of her delphs summons her to the sea, where she rescues survivors of a spacecraft, an arrogant man with oddly streaked hair and several small children--and none are adapted to live in the seas of Urloon. Worse, the man is an Asha commander, determined to escape the prison his homeworld has become and start a better life for his child on a remote world. They strike a deal--he will help her through her final year, and she will help get him and his children adapted and settled on Urloon.

Starlander's Pirate

Jellica Rose must take her adopted child, a lab created illegal life form, on a long journey to find the lab that created her and repair her so she can grow up, since Lila is permanently halted at three years old. Jellica fears the child is set to expire after a decade of life. Captured during a pirate attack, Jellica Rose and Lila befriend an alien 'pet', who turns out to be an intelligent being, Chilt. With her help they free other prisoners, one who turns out to be Clem Starlander, scientist. Together they hide on the pirate ship and plan a takeover.

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  1. I like both premises here, Mel. Thanks for sharing. Sorry it's so cold there. Well, we'll get it soon I bet.