Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who is doing Nano?

I am a Nano Rebel, I confess. But I will be writing during the month of November on new content. October will be an editing month for me--Urloon edits will arrive, and am finishing up a couple stories for submission. 

My nano name is Melisse.

Starlander Frontier: Starlander's Myth comes out November 1st and I'll also be guest blogging and doing other online fun stuff, too.


  1. I plan on participating too... once I get a moment to sign up I'll find you. I still have to decide which book I want to focus on completing that month.

  2. Last year I took part for the first time and got to approx 40,000 words. But in Dec after cutting out the rubbish I was left with approx 16,000 words. I said I would not do it again because it was a waste of time. But......yep I am going to do it again. Looking back I did come away from the experience with some great writing, new friends, new writing knowledge and ideas, and a drive to keep writing. It was doing NaNoWriMo that pushed me to start a blog last jan and to keep committed to writing this past year.

  3. I have made a synopsis/ scene list so hope to get decent words. I find if I have the plot roughed out then I don't have too much in the way of story/content revision. Then it is just clean up/sentence structure stuff.I doubt I will egt anywhere near 50k, but I would be happy with a nice novella 25-30k roughed out!