Sunday, October 9, 2011


I love fall--the crisp cool weather, the colors of the changing leaves, fall foods. I am inspired to bake--squash, pumpkin goodies, apple crisps... Soon it will be Halloween, which is so fun at my day job. I dress like a giant pumpkin. My daughters are excited about a costume mystery party. Then Thanksgiving--I am hoping we can get together with my sister for that, but we'll see. Thanksgiving in NW Montana is pretty much winter weather. Montana does a good job keeping the passes open--it is the road from here to Billings, MT, with all the white-out wind conditions-- that is the bugaboo for winter driving.

I am busy editing Urloon for its April release and polishing Galactic Game for submission. 

For Nano I have a SFR story that is not connected to any series...a present day alien abduction story(but  not an 'all our women died so we need mates' story). Yes, I have been lurking on alien conspiracy websites again. I've been writing the synopsis/ character background as I get inspiration.


  1. I love you Nano idea, Mel.

    And you know I can't wait to see Urloon release!

    It's good to be back on track once again.