Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy Daze

August is always such a busy month because of school starting. My oldest starts college and will be moving into the dorms next weekend! My twins will be seniors in HS, they recently got their driver's licenses, which is good considering the number of before and after school activities they are in.

I got a new diagnosis on my knee. Knee replacement isn't needed at this time(YAY!). Instead I will have scope surgery to repair a torn ligament and clean out floating stuff.  Normal life, coming soon!

I'm working on two more novellas in my Starlander Frontier steampunk series.  Right now I'm thinking a trilogy.  Those are in the rough draft fun stage.

I am in final edits on Galactic Game, which is in the same universe as Urloon, but is a stand alone story and doesn't take place on Urloon. I do have beginning to a new Urloon story, but it is just one scene, the rest of the plot hasn't resolved yet.

I bought an Alphasmart Dana from ebay, very cheap. It seems to be in great shape and I had cords to fit it, since I never throw away a cord! I can use it at work on my lunch hour. The keyboard has a more normal feel than my old stiff Alphie, and it has two SD card slots for extra storage. Wifi and a touch screen, too. I think I will be more productive and no longer have to shut down for lightening.  Am just not a paper/pen kinda gal.

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