Sunday, July 10, 2011

I bought another cheap pda--even though I own a Kindle

I just have this thing about carrying the Kindle around in my purse. The Kindle is for reading at home, on the couch! Plus half the time one of my daughters or my husband is reading it. We set categories up for each family member. The twins like it for games.

Oldest daughter is thinking of getting a Literari ereader for $50 from ebay--new. She is tech savvy so would have no problem with it, and she would like the back light.

I just bought a super cheap dell axim and set it up to read mobi, so I can haul it around to work. It has a backlight, too, so I read in bed.

My Kindle is just too precious, I guess!

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  1. Have bought the PDA on ebay? Yes, your kindle is precious.