Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Since I've been a teacher of one kind or another all my adult life, I start thinking about yearly goals around this time of year. I can't break the school calendar habit!

Real life goals:

I will be having bilateral knee replacement surgery before the end of the year. I want to have normal mobility, be able to work full time, do normal activities around the home, go for walks, shop. Really not looking forward to surgery though. But some things just have to be done.

Oldest daughter starts college, twin daughters will be seniors in HS. So my mom job will involve lots of college stuff!

Hubby and I are playing with the idea of moving south when the girls are out of school, so we might be looking at a move, researching etc. We'll see. I'm not really comfortable with being far from the girls, but the Denver area might be workable.

Writing Goals

This is going to be a SFR  (scifi romance) year for me. I'm getting a project ready to submit right now, and then I have two stories that are part of the two series I contracted this summer. I hope to have both of the new novellas submitted by Christmas. After the holidays I will start new projects, probably related to the series and submit at least one next spring.  Then there are all the promo activities I need to schedule. I think those are reasonable goals at this point.

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