Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July And Possibilities

I was thinking about how much life has changed in the past few years. Even five years ago I would spend at least one day of a long weekend at the lake so the girls could splash and swim. A few years before that they'd take those ugly Brats dolls with them and play with them in the sand while I read a book or typed on my old Alpha Smart.

This Fourth my twins, who will be seniors in high school, will spend two days in Cody, Wyoming, with the marching band. My oldest, who works at the library, has a few days off and will spend all her time with her boyfriend and other friends.

School starts in a month. My oldest will move into the dorms at Casper College, a very nice school right here in town--beautiful campus, too. She is thinking of an environmental science major, watershed management, which will require math. So I am glad she'll be at Casper College where they teach the basic classes well. You hear about the poor quality of college math classes all the time, taught by disinterested junior staff. How frustrating!

My twins will be busy with band, jazz band, classes and stagecraft. This year the high school is doing the musical Les Misérables, which is a really big deal for a high school. Rehearsals will start in October, and they will have two weekends of performances.  All life stops for an ordinary musical, so I am preparing myself for Les Misérables! Twin A is playing in the pit, a pretty big honor for a highschool kid since most of the musicians will have to be adults( band teachers etc) from the community. Twin B might be in the pit or the stage manager. Decisions decisions! So many possibilities!

I love the wide range of possibilities my girls have for college majors! When I went to college most women were in teaching, nursing or medical related. My girls are considering majors like architecture or accounting degrees, math heavy stuff. I did not enter college with that level of math ability and am glad my daughters are competent in that area. I think their middle school math teacher was one of the best and that has helped them all through high school. My twins even like math and think it is easy(honors classes, too.) Exceptional math teachers like that should receive bonuses and honors!

What would I do if I didn't have my writing? I'm pretty obsessive so  I'll spend the weekend typing and thinking about my writing, not so much missing the years when the 4th meant child centered fun, though those memories are special to me. I already have a list of what I want to accomplish this weekend--pre-edits on Urloon, finish a short story --Inhuman Resources--for a contest, and work on the ending of Galactic Game. My writing opens doors to all kinds of possibilities, I feel. I can make so many decisions and go in so many directions. Happily, Hubby is equally involved in his wood work, so he'll be in the shop. What a pair! We'll cook a yummy dinner for the Fourth with some type of red white and blue fruit thingy for dessert.

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