Friday, July 15, 2011

Contract! Starlander's Myth--steampunk/spacewestern

Contracted a steampunk, space western romance novella to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(sensual heat level ) STARLANDER'S MYTH. This is the first of a series (a trilogy), Starlander Frontier.

Asteroid miner Jack Starlander stumbles upon the illegal sale of a woman and child with unusual abilities. In the ensuing shoot out, two important men die. Jack, Sophie and her daughter and Jack's close  neighbors are forced to flee to safety. Their journey takes them into deadly danger. Sophie is a creature from myth and she recognizes the mythic thread in Starlander's family myth. Perhaps his family myth can save them.

Some pics from my file:

 My heroine, Sophie(pic is 'Melanie' Days of Our Lives)

Jack Starlander, asteroid miner. 
 A gryphon.

My Hero Jack--a big, rangy red head. (pic is Prince Harry)

Deadly gas cloud

Sophie has a small daughterw/ringlets, Flora.(pic is Shirley Temple in The Little Princess.)

Neighbor ladies have an illegal life form child.

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