Friday, April 29, 2011

It's the Weekend!

I actually like my day job, but right now with the state of my knees I'm really ready for the weekend by Friday.  The weeks are longer now than they were back before the knees went to heck. 

I plan to spend the weekend sitting on my couch, typing. I might do a tiny amount of housekeeping but nothing that keeps me on my feet for long.

We are having a spring sleet storm so the wood stove is burning. Two of my teens are with a school group in Colorado, the other kindly made me a pot of coffee and has no plans for the night that require the mom taxi. I'm already wearing my (so sexy!) navy sweats, long sleeved T shirt and baggy cardigan. My cute mop dog Baxter is sitting next to me on the couch--he likes to snuggle. We just finished a vigorous game of tug rope so now it's time for a rest. Supper is an easy fix--brats, sauerkraut, good rolls and chips.

 Plus, I'm on schedule for an anthology I want to submit to. Hopefully I will make 1500 words minimum tonight. Things are looking good. 

In other good news, my rights have been returned on two ebooks. I'll be getting those up on Smashwords and Amazon soon! And there is a new Dr. Who tomorrow!

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