Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dog Help Needed(Location Salina, KS)

My sis in law passed away last week and my husband is next of kin. In addition to settling her estate--house, home upholstery business, vehicles etc, my sis in law has two dogs, a 12 year old Shepherd/retriever cross and a 10 yr old peke/pug/shi zu? Anyway, someone told her they would take her dogs but now has backed out. I think I will be driving the 10 hr. drive from my home in WY to Salina, KS, to get these dogs in a couple weeks. I already have a very territorial and spoiled Morkie dog and 4 cats(already over the city limit per #), and live in a small house. The orphan dogs are good dogs,.and we won't consider having them put to sleep or taken to the animal shelter. They are in good health and the little one may have many years left.

So--anyone near Kansas want some dogs? Know someone who wants some dogs? Know a rescue group?

And may I add: MAKE.A.WIL

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