Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Look for the Blog

All my upcoming submissions are Science Fiction Romance or Steampunk. While I am playing with a couple high fantasy romances and a paranormal, SFR is the most exciting to write at this point. So I decided to change the blog so it screams SFR!

I'm writing the SFR I would like to read. Few of my heroines are kick ass--though I do have a couple planned that are tremendous athletes. Most have families, employment woes, children or pregnancy issues...They all live in a war torn universe where necessities are sometimes difficult to get and violence is a part of life.

Heat level on my upcoming submissions--I do have sexy scenes, but these are not erotic romances. Mainstream heat level.


  1. I like the space scene, but the light lettering on the black background hurts my eyes.

  2. Yikes, sorry it hurts.

    I have vision issues that require high contrast so tend to like black backgrounds/light lettering. I also try to change all the font to large.

    I'm constantly changing brightness and zoom on websites.

  3. Well,I for one really love this new SFR look! I don't mind the contrast with the background. (I think maybe my blog color combo/contrst is a bit dark and I may need to change it up.) But yours looks fantastic!

    I haven't checked yet-- but did you put up a little post at SFRB telling the bragaders to check out your new blog look? You may get some good opinions from them.