Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'll be home tomorrow

I'm getting shots in my knees(more fun than you can possibly imagine!) later today so decided to stay home with ice packs tomorrow-- the alternative being going to my day job, which includes singing and dancing and tiny chairs 1 foot tall. Ice packs sound like the wiser plan. I will have a quiet house and plan to continue the massive edit of two SFR novellas. I rarely have quiet time to myself!

I'm getting close to submission but am not sure where I'll send it yet. A series is scary, because you are tied to that publisher for a long time. Then there are print options, where two related novellas could be bundled for print--some places will do that. Hmmm. 


  1. OMG-- sounds painful. I hope your day went well and you are feeling better now. And you got a lot of work done!

  2. Not fun but will feel good in 24-48 hours. Xrays were bad, this might be the last time I can have a nonsurgical option. Sad. But hey -- then I'll be a cyborg!

    I had bone birth defects as a child and wore braces, so this has been looming for more than a decade.