Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some background on my still unnamed series.

My series needs a name. Thinking: Chronicles of the Diaspora. Hmmm. Maybe not...

First Worlds ~ 
The original system, including Earth and the Krzsh worlds(lizard humanoids that can breed with humans.) Worn out, crowded, and, poor. Gema, the heroine from Galactic Game was born on a poor First World planet. 

First colony outside the First Worlds, connected by a jumpstream to First World endpoint. Alric, the hero in Galactic Game, comes from Hogtie. A mining center surrounded by cryst(fuel) rich asteroids. Gilded age type economy.

The jumpstream to Hogtie opened up a number of close planetary systems, and the overcrowded First Worlds flooded the new worlds with colonists. All with similar flora and fauna, these new worlds have evidence that they were developed by the Seeders, a mysterious race of spacefarers that developed planets suitable for humans, of which Earth is one, in the distant past.

~*The Thirty Worlds Confederation~ Diaspora worlds that formed a Confederation. The Center World and political and cultural heart is Adrazine. They have been involved in civil war with Asha, a powerful militaristic planet, for thirty years. Captain Liam Ringel, hero of Refugees on Urloon is from Adrazine. Svana, heroine in same book, also is from Adrazine but originally came from a low tech agriculture world.

~*The Gen Worlds~ Three Confederation planets whose citizens are conceived and perfected in lab procedures. Non-lab generated humans cannot have citizenship on the Gen Worlds. Gema, heroine in Galactic Game, was stranded on the Gen World Toph as a child and eventually ended up in the Toph Women’s penitentiary. Alric, though from Hogtie, is a lab generated human.

~*Asha~ a powerful, militaristic high tech world. They do not want to give control of their jumpstream to the Rim worlds to the Confederation, as Confederation law demands. Also in dispute is the Asha use of lab gen technology to develop mechs-mechanized human soldiers with no will or personality.

The Rim Worlds ~ Not Confederation worlds. Sparsely populated. End point of a jumpstream from Asha  is near El Tango.

~*Urloon~ Colonized by Terra before jumpstream technology. Isolated for centuries, it can now be reached by a jumpstream from Asha to the Rim worlds, then by fast ships, still a journey of several years. During the centuries of isolation, Urloon populations developed a water adaption dna procedure and surgical procedures so the people can live in the warm, hospitable Urloon seas. 

The Pulse weapon, used by Adrazine to destroy the Asha armada at the battle of Adrazine, created a jumpstream which may not be stable, with endpoint near Urloon, through which the Adrazine communication vessel Toulous was thrown. The crew members are now Refugees on Urloon.  Not determined if this was a Seeder world, evidence either way. 

~*The future Gen World colonies~ Three Seeder planets claimed by the Gen Worlds. Gema and Alric are on one in Galactic Games.

~*El Tango~ was used as a prison planet long ago. It was a Seeder planet but had huge climate changes due to a large comet collision and is a harsh living environment. Lawless and dangerous.
~*Yonder~ Isolated, not a Seeder world but humans can live there. Confederation ships are forbidden from carrying any goods from Yonder for fear of alien flora and fauna contaminating Confederation Worlds.  Krzsh-human crossbreed colonists have braved the strange planet.


  1. Very detailed background. How about Diaspora Worlds or First Worlds?

  2. Very cool! This series is so detailed. I know how you feel. I have trouble with series names too. I like First Worlds, or something like that.

    Chronicles is defined as a chronological record of events.
    If you like it, then it's fine. (Though it reminds me of the books in the Bible! lol)

    A matter of taste for sure.

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  4. I think I will surf sci fi series names. Good point about Chronicles--I'm not sure I want to do chronological order...

  5. Sounds like some great worldbuilding. How about Diaspora Worlds for a title?

  6. I think I'll go with Diaspora Worlds--as a couple of you mentioned!

    Each story takes place on a different world or worlds so that is a unifying element. Most of the characters have connections to others somewhere in the Diaspora Worlds, too.