Saturday, January 22, 2011

I figured something out with my two SFR novellas

I was washing dishes(by hand, no electronical dishwasher in the Aires' home) and had a break through!

Currently I am editing Refugees on Urloon, a SFR novella, for submission. In the wings I have Galactic Game, a  SFR novella that was part of a larger series. Due to publisher/contract issues I decided to divorce GG from that original series and rewrite it as a stand alone.

But both Refugees and GG have a common element, a major galactic war as a background element. Their tech is similar because this is my brain, folks. It is a huge galaxy with much diversity--actually all my SFR ideas could fit in it-- at least until I want to move on. I knew there had to be a way to connect them into the same Universe.

In the Urloon story there is a minor character, Palos, who will eventually be rescued by his wealthy family because he is an heir to a planetary ruler-ship, but it will be at least two years, perhaps longer for the rescue to occur. He can't do the adaption procedure to live underwater with the Urloon. The other option is farming, not his cup o' tea. King Rankree offers him a different job. Go undercover to a wild, lawless planet called El Tango and look for disenfranchised military and pirates that might target the lovely world, Urloon.

In Galactic Game, the four survivors have the opportunity to contact someone to rescue them, but they don't know who won the war, or who to contact, and they don't want to alert pirates etc to their vulnerable spacecom relay station. Dooley, a secondary character, has some experience with low places and illegal associates, and he has a buddy that runs a service on El Tango.


  1. Way to go, Melisse! Both these books sound fantastic to me.

    Like you, I figured out how to tie three, not two of my stories together-- by way of a future time protection agent who poses in the past as a 'good' wizard. He is a secondary character, but is now the glue that unites it all. It was fun to develop that connection. (still in the process though)

  2. What kind of service does the guy in your blurb run? I'm intriqued!!

  3. Kaye-- Good for you! Now all we need is the right publisher. I'm planning to sub to Samhain,Carin and Blush the first round and see where it takes me.

    My original story--doubt I'll ever get the right back to that puppy.

    Jean-- Dooley's friend transports illegal life forms. A lab on El Tango uses variations of human perfection dna procedures to create humanoid 'pets' for wealthy customers. This is illegal all over the galaxy but the few labs that do it find it fabulously lucrative.