Saturday, December 18, 2010

The weather outside is Frightful AND Pictures

I know it is only -4 and it could be worse! But my plan is to stay home, cuddled up with my snuggie, fluffy dog and wood stove. Maybe sip  a cup of tea(that new Eggnoggin tea is tasty!). I'm editing Refugees on Urloon, my water world futuristic romance with an older couple. The final scene needs a lot of work but I figure it will become clearer after I refresh my mind with the entire story.

My Hero. Commander Liam Ringel. I know in Real Life he is a Bad Boyfriend, but he looks like  a space commander.

Urloon looks a little like this.

My older but attractive couple inspiration. Imagine Olivia as a future world unskilled cleaning woman, and her disappearing boyfriend as a Commander.

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