Monday, December 13, 2010

Got My Nocturne/ Harlequin Challenge Entry Sent

Wasn't sure I would get the chapter ready since we had all the crazy happening last week(hubby had a mild heart attack and a stent procedure). The synopsis was complete, which is good because that took quite  a bit of time. Sunday I was able to ignore the mountain of laundry and finish the chapter. I'm so glad I did it--there is guaranteed editor feedback, from actual Nocturne editors!

Now I'm back to editing Refugees on Urloon, my water-world SFR. And I need to write more chapters on the Nocturne, just in case.

I haven't read many Ellora's Cave books in the past year. I think I'll get a few, just to see where the heat level is at. I doubt they are a possibility for me, but I did hear they have levels of heat, so maybe I could squeak in.

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