Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Good News and The Bad News

Del Fantasma: Demonade is out with Aspen Mountain Press and will soon be at Fictionwise and Amazon!

Later this year my former Triskelion novel (then titled Fallen To Earth) will be released again by Aspen Mountain Press under a new and better title--Her Accidental Angel. I'm glad this book got another chance and am particularly looking forward to the AMP cover.

That is the Good News!

Bad News--I got laid off in July. I am working part time at a job I enjoy though it pays much less. In January I will be taking classes to get my teaching degree beefed up. So things will get better eventually.

Really Bad News:

Due to issues with Red Rose Publishing I am in the process of removing my two titles there: Shadow Rescue and Cybot Awakened. Cybot was the first of a 5 book series so I will have to do much rewriting if I can't get it released(no guarantee it won't be tied up for years.) Writers, red flag that publisher!

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard:

A very well known author gave me some advice--he said to abandon the cybot series for now, come back to it in a year or two when I am truly free. Even a rewrite might not be sufficient if I'm still under contract and the old publisher could cause trouble... SO I am busy with a science fiction waterworld romance called Refugees on Urloon. I'm hoping to get it subbed by Thanksgiving.

I also started a middle grade children's novel--something new for me. It is a steampunk adventure in a British-like land with a 11 yr old girl who saves the day. That will be under a new pen name when I ever am ready to sub it,

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