Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am an Assasin

In my dreams! I must have been plotting a thriller in my sleep.

I my dream I was young, blond, and far more athletic than I have ever actually been.

Early morning. I jog through the woods, climb a tree and shoot several 'bad guys' down the hill in town. I'm glad and relieved I got them.

I hide the  rifle in a hidden hole in the woods, run home. I have gloves that I cut up and flush, toss the clothes in a big utility sink of soapy water, and hop in the shower for gun powder. I scrub.

I have small children, they are awake and crying. One is a baby, the other a toddler. I get them up like it is a normal morning.

Sometime later, officers arrive at my door. Did I hear anything? Anyone drive by? No, but I was up all night with the baby and slept in a little. There are pancakes on the dining room table and the toddler is covered in syrup. I have a big cup of coffee and we are watching kiddie TV. The living room looks lived in with laundry and toys. I'm wearing pink pjs and a robe and hair is in a messy clip. The officers leave. I have apparently gotten away with it. My partners in crime will be happy.

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