Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I'm Reading and Other Stuff

I've been spending time in the Wastelands. I'm not reading them in publishing order and don't think you have to. Dystopian erotic romance with wonderful covers. I will get the other two on my next shopping spree!

Also reading a couple Harlequins:

The intrigue is by a new-to-me author--but I've read lots of Julie Leto and like her.

Road Trip and Mama Brag:

My oldest daughter, who is president of the high school debate team, was chosen to go to Girl's State! I'm proud of her for her hard work.

Yesterday we drove her to Powell, WY. We took the scenic route, because we all love Wyoming scenery. Spring, when everything is still green, is extra special I think. There were lots of antelope-- we had to stop on the highway for a herd to cross. Here are some pictures(from the net, I'm not a photographer!)

Wind River Canyon, Wind River Mountains, and Pronghorn Antelopes.

Powell WY is a small, pretty town not far from Cody. It is about 160 miles from us. The twins and I will drive up early next Saturday to pick her up.

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