Thursday, June 24, 2010

A College Tip

Here's a new topic that is not at all writing related, but it might be helpful for some of you. 

When my kids were starting middle school I didn't work full time. The schools sent out an announcement about Gear Up, a college prep group for lower income families. I signed up.  Gear Up is for lower income, and there is also Upward Bound for very low income families.

Soon after, I went to work full time, and contacted Gear Up that we no longer qualified as far as income. But improved income didn't matter, my kids were still enrolled. Which was great because I had somewhere for them to go after school for those middle school years. They took a few college tours with Gear Up, too.

In high school my girls are super busy with marching band, debate and stagecraft so there is no time to go to Gear Up meetings, but we stayed somewhat involved. Then I found out Gear Up provides substantial scholarships for college. The kids have to attend a summer academy their junior year, which is a fun activity.

I have three that will be in college in two years. They are good students and qualify for a Wyoming two year scholarship--and now it looks like Gear Up will provide for the additional two years.

I'm still in shock! Good financial news? For me, the person laid off as of July 30th?

Anyway, if you have kids in or entering middle school and are income deprived, check into it. In five or six years, when your kids are looking at college, it could be a very helpful thing!

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