Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coffee At Night

The past week I've been craving coffee in the evening after dinner. My parents always had coffee after dinner and never seemed to have an issue with sleepless nights.

When I was in my twenties my asthma was very mild, quite different than it had been in junior high. Sometimes I would feel a little tight and a cup or two of coffee would clear it right up.

Normally I try to avoid caffeine in the afternoons but the past couple evenings I have made a small pot of coffee and enjoyed a cup. I'm editing  and so am staying up a little later than normal. And I seem to sleep the same amount anyway. I rarely sleep eight hours and think I feel better when I sleep between six and seven.

I like dark roast coffee, but I drink it with milk and sweetner. MMMM

Galactic Game is coming along in edits. I still have a couple scenes to  finish, I wrote them so spare. I'm in the finish mode so am not working on any other story right now.

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