Sunday, May 23, 2010

Writing Update

I wrote quite a bit this week, around 4,000 words. That is alot for me, I'm pretty slow! Not all the words were on the same project but mostly I worked on two SFR stories. 

One is Galactic Game, the second in my Sons of the Protectorate series that has gone from a 10k short to a 30k novella. It is almost ready to submit. 

The other is Urloon, which is not part of my Sons series. It is about 3/4 done in a rewrite. It was an 8k short, but I expect it will end in the 30k territory. 

The third is my new idea, a steampunk western space opera. With a shifter widow heroine, her vulnerable child, the lesbian neighbors and their illegal, mostly human pet. And bad guys. Confused yet? I swear, it all makes sense to me!

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