Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Author? Need a website? CHEAP?

Many new ebook authors can't or do not want to spend big bucks on a

But still, they want a site. They need a web presence.

There are free websites WITHOUT page adds out there. I have mine at Weebly. I've heard wordpress will redirect a domain name, too.I bought my domain name,, (website )and then did a redirect so my free website has my domain name.

Being a bit of a control freak, I like being able to do all aspects of the site. I put up html for books and blurbs in a simple way--I create it here in blogger, switch to html and copy it, then paste the html into my website's html template. It is no more difficult than posting html into a yahoo loop post.

I am just using a template weebly offers. I know I could scrap that and find a template to purchase. but I like my site so have no interest in starting afresh.


  1. Hi Melisse, Your site looks good! There are several free ones to choose from out there, or some for a nonimal price. Webs is another. I'm lucky in that my friend is a web designer and she gives me big discounts. But I had a free website before she did my latest one.

    Good info for new writers!

  2. Having a friend who can help is great. I've explored your site and like it--like the scifi addition.