Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Latest Work In Progress

(From my picture file, this story is set on a fantastic water world.) 

I'm not a linear writer. I don't start one story, then write that story through to the end, edit it and submit.

Instead I hop. I'll work on one story, until a snatch of dialog or an issue in another story invades my mind. Then I have to write that, since the invader won't go away until I get it down. I might work on five stories in any given month. And I might write the ending before the middle!

Now, that all changes when I decide it is time to submit. Once I have the full synopsis written, the story begs to be finished.

I'm happy today that I finished a synopsis for a scifi romance. I originally wrote this story as a short short,  a sexy slice of life for two weary war refuges on an exotic planet. A  hopeful life-will-go-on-and-be-great story. 

Later I decided to lengthen it and tell what happens after that sexy slice of life and the challenges they face as new immigrants to a sea world. Not to mention she's pregnant, which complicates everything. The story also has marauders, rebellious youth trying to go back to the sea, an evil cult leader, alien water creatures and second chances.

We've had bad news lately with my lay off and other inconvenient things, so real life has been more of a struggle than usual. I haven't been feeling like my normal cheerful self. I think I need this story. Right now it is titled Refugees on Urloon.


  1. You new SF story sounds fantastic, Melisse! So sorry that you are feeling bad, but that is understandable with the pressures you are under now. At least you have some great stories in the making!

  2. I feel you on the lack of linnear-ness ;) I too bounce between stories and have found myself trying to write a scene that belongs in a different book. It all (well, usually) works out in the end though. So sorry to hear you are having RL issues. Don't you hate when it steals your writing joy??? (HUGS)