Saturday, April 10, 2010

The tangled web of series writing

As I work on my Sons of the Protectorate series I'm seeing things evolve quite  bit out of sequence and now I've added a sixth book, not the story one of the actual sons, but a secondary character.

A few weeks ago I had an idea, a visual, of a cybot waking deep in a crevice on an asteroid. She regains much of her memory. She knows they were on a military mission to take a base on the asteroid, she knows she's a cybot and she also knows that she was once a dancer. And she is stuck on this asteroids, left for dead. Some of the deactivated cybots still have energy packs that she can use when her's runs out. Later, a salvage ship arrives--out hero-- to harvest equipment and weapons, and rescues her.

In Galactic Game, one of my secondary characters is a pilot. Originally he was an older man, but I saw a picture of a cute blonde young man--think Ricky Martin with long blond hair worn in a side part-- and realized if HE was my pilot, then he could be the hero in the asteroid story. And he already has a ship!

Then in my final book of the series, Illegal Lifeforms (unless I think of a better title), everyone expected my Puregen heroine to be the dancer she was created to be--but her heart is set on law enforcement, specifically the Bureau of Illegal Lifeforms, which finds and closes down Puregen Labs that create human/animal forms which are popular as pets among the very wealthy. 

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