Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Notes from Melisse-Land

Life has been hectic lately. The Good News is that I am feeling good, am finally breathing normally, though I still have some weakness/tiredness. I'm applying for teaching certification--passed the Big test, but still have several components to finish for that.

My oldest daughter was selected for Girl's State! I am thrilled for her. And my younger daughters continue to get super grades. I see college scholarships in our future--I would like them to get out of college without loans, a real possibility here in Wyoming with the Hathaway scholarship.

Hubby has been under the weather so we're hoping for the best there.

I am continuing on with my sci fi series, though sometimes I think I should be concentrating on bigger publishers. But deep inside I think I need to finish what I've started. Also have a vampire story to follow Shadow Rescue, but it is so short. Might pull that out this weekend and see where it can be expanded.

Kittens ruined my laptop cord, had to order a new one. Sheesh. And we have a stray that needs a home.

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  1. Hi Melisse! Good to see you blogging. Sounds like life has been more than hectic for you lately. I feel the same sometimes.

    Great to be back at the stories again I'm sure.

    Sometime soon we do need to do a SFR thing or chat. lol. We will get to it.