Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday Writing Thoughts

I've been thinking about shifter stories. My best selling story is a shifter story(Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice). The fan mails I've received have been about the shifter--more shifters wanted. So I've been thinking about ideas, waiting for something to churn up from the muse.

Most of my writing lately is in series that are familiar to me, so planning this shifter story is different. All new stuff. I know who my shifter is, I know she turns into mythological creature, and I know she is being exploited. When am I going to write it? I don't know. Setting--contemporary? Space western? I don't know yt It isn't on my schedule, but the schedules I make for myself are flexible--until I have a contract.

My muse has been churning out new ideas lately, so I've been making new files with three or four pages of a scene or back story--enough to capture the  idea.

I gave up on my contemporary for Harlequin idea. It morphed into a futuristic Harlequin Presents--something like  The Sustainable Vertical City CEO's Nanny's Secret Passion. Maybe not a marketable story.

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