Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here? My Muse And Cybots

This looks like my asteroid but is actually called Hell's Half Acre. It is about 50 miles from my home here in Wyoming.

I have a novella to edit and a contemporary WIP rough draft to work on. It is a frigid day here in Wyoming with a little snow and slick roads, I'm wearing comfy sweats, my pepto pink snuggie is nearby and I have a diet Dr Pepper for for a tasty refreshment.  All set for a productive writing day.

But my muse can only think about Lirielle. She wakes up wedged in a crevice on an asteroid--and she remembers who she is. Was.

She missed the battle, the one where the cybots were supposed to take over a small base. She's been blacked out for nearly two days. And now she is all alone with a power pack ebbing away.

Lucky for her there are cybot carcases, some with working power packs. She can stay alive for awhile.

And finally help comes, she hopes. It's a ship, at least. A little banged up and painted in garish colors. Odd. She shouts for help with an amplifier, in several languages.

The ship responds by shooting a heavy mesh net. Captured. The net's power field shorts out her power, all goes black again. She wakes up on the floor, the net now magnetized and holding her down as the small ship flips and tosses, evading fire...

Where do we go from here?(That was a song in the Buffy Musical, btw) I'm humming it now.

We know THE HERO captured her. We know he was scavenging tech from the battle field. We know he's hot. Hmmm. This does seem to be going somewhere fun.

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