Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cybot Awakened--Inspiration from my Picture File

I always find pictures for stories I'm working on. They help set a tone, provide inspiration, help me with world building.  Here are some from Cybot Awakened, which releases on Feb 25th from Red Rose Publishing.

Sabralia lives in luxurious isolation with in Emporer Sirn's Harem. She does not live with Sirn's favored wives or in the common Harem, but in her own rooms with her cybot servant, Qy

Emporer Sirn's Invasion goes well. He invites his Senior Officers to the Palace, to enjoy the pleasures of the Harem.

Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide on the beach during the feast to avoid Sirn's men.  Qy tells her of violence at the Palace and then they are running for their lives.

And Qy knows things he shouldn't know.

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  1. It's funny but I do that too. For my new series with Red Rose I've been digging up pictures of each God I've been writing about to help me picture the character in my mind. Congrats on your release Melisse.:-)