Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving Toward The New Year

Christmas was quiet and lovely here, just our family. My thoughts were often up in NW Montana with my siblings, since I'm the only one who couldn't make it to Kalispel. Perhaps next year. Cold and snowy, too.

I finished Demonade and am in edits. It should be off to my editor right after New Years. I like how the story, especially the big turning point scene, turned out. When I thought about that scene it drew a blank except for some basic ideas. But it just flowed, so that was cool.

I'm working on a straight contemporary romance, since one of my goals this year is to submit to a print publisher. this is a category romance and so far I am not missing the paranormal element I usually write.

In Real Life I am gearing up to get my teaching certification and start a job hunt. Lots of work! I have to take several tests, pay for finger printing... mucho stuff.

This week I am reading category romances, mostly SSE but some Desires. I also have a couple mysteries in the TBR pile/file for a change of pace. I have several Christmas romances I picked up at the UBS, those will come in handy if I decide to write a Christmas story in June. And it is time to head for the Baen free library to see what new books they are offering!

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