Monday, November 2, 2009

NANO 2009

Well, I wasn't going to Nano. Then I was going to Nano as a rebel. But I've had this idea at the back of my brain for some time and decided--Why Not??? It's a novel idea, straight contemporary.

I'm not a novel writer, but we'll see. It's a short novel.


Zeke moved to the mountains with his young son after he lost his wife and athletic career in a car accident. While his athletic career made him financially stable, he now runs an organic farm and plans to stay in his mountain retreat.

But his son is ready to start school, and the nearest school is an hour away on treacherous mountain roads. Most people around White Elk, WY, home school until the kids start high school. Zeke does not feel up to that.

While surfing his favorite website, Homesteading the Rockies, he sees the personal adds. It seems to be the perfect solution. He will advertise for a wife who can home school.

Molly is a young widow with a one year old. Due to her husband's long illness and her own difficult pregnancy, she is living in a women's home and working at the only cooking job she could find with hours suitable for daycare. She is discouraged with her housing situation and lack of freedom. The people who run the house are generous and she'd grateful, but she can't express her personal nontraditional beliefs in anyway, nor does she have time with her daughter or any real privacy. It will take her forever to get back one her feet.

While at the library she surfs for recipes and finds Zeke's add. It seems the perfect solution.

Will new age Molly and a jock like Zeke make a match?

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