Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Happenings

I have three publishers and quite a few ebooks on the way:

Aspen Mountain Press:
Available now: Del Fantasma Tiger Juice
Future: Her Accidental Angel(formerly Fallen to Earth) and
Del Fantasma: Demonade

Red Rose Publishing
Available Oct 29: Shadow Rescue
Early 2010: Cybot Awakened

WCP Torrid
Available Dec 1: Christmas Magic (Expanded re edit of my old Torrid Teaser)

Free Serial read : Fauntasy

* Fauntasy has been edited for Textnovel so is not a sexy read. I am re-editing it for submission with an editor who is interested in it, that sub will be a higher heat level than what is up on Textnovel.

The three things I plan to get subbed by Christmas are Demonade and Galactic Games, the story that follows Cybot and Fauntasy. One for each epub!

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