Saturday, September 26, 2009

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As a child I was obsessed with Narnia--I wanted to live there, but never could.

As an adult writer I can't confiscate the land of Narnia for my own stories, plus I prefer romance.

Fauntasy is my way to bring both those beloved elements together--a fantasy world I love and a couple who struggle to be together.

The Three Realms consist of three separate peoples or races, The Fauns, The Centaurs, and the Buntaurs. While they live and work together as one nation, the Purification Laws, now three generations old,keep each race separate, and there are no mixed families.

Tip, a Buntaur and Sylina, a Faun, have broken the Purification Law and Sylina is pregnant. She is in grave danger--few survive the Purification Camps.

Tip learns of a ship, sailing to an old deserted port. Can they escape?

Updated every weekend.

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