Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Writing Summer

I'm working on a Harlequin Intrigue for the November Intrigue contest. I'm a long time reader(decades, I think) of Intrigues and have been playing with an idea for awhile, so this seemed like a great time to work on it. I've been wanting to write something longer than 30k-40k so this is a challenge since Intrigues are a minimum of 55k.
My Intrigue is set in North Central Montana. The hero was in a traumatic plane crash and has some memory loss. He also has new baby twins. The heroine is an artist, a little New Agey, vulnerable because--twins! He feels he is too old and jaded for the heroine, even though he can't remember tons of his life. And there's a sooper seekrit evil organization involved. All very fun to write.

I'm editing
Galactic Game, too, the second book in the futuristic series I have coming out in Jan 2010 with Red Rose Publishing.

I'm also putting a fantasy romance novel,
Fauntasy, on the TextNovel site. It is entered in the Dorchester contest, too. Here's the link--you can comment and vote for it, too, if you want!

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