Friday, July 3, 2009

A Long Weekend!

On the Home Front:

We had a big storm last night that knocked out the electricity for hours so I went to be by nine! My daughters stayed up reading by candlelight.

We don't have elaborate plans for the weekend, just a nice BBQ and some kind of fruity red, white and blue cake. I would like to try and get a family portrait taken via our camera and tripod, always a fun time.

On the Reading Front:

I have a new book to read! I got it as an ebook so if the electricity goes out I can read it on my backlit PDA!

I also got :Link
Lisa Kleypas is a new author for me. I picked up her Wallflower series last week and just devoured it. Her hero's have a HUGE FLAW.

On the writing front:

I joined Holly Lisle's Write a Book with Me (
for motivation and because I have found of her writing books helpful. I'm on a quest to move from novella length to novel length, though neither of the project I'm working on right now are planned as novels. I'm planning ahead.

One thing I've noticed in much of my writing--unlike Lisa Kleypas-- it is my heroines who have a HUGE FLAW.

In Galactic Game, Gema is part Krzsch, a non-Terran lizard humanoid race, much despised by the lab created, genetically enhanced PureGen humans that inhabit the space system she is living in. Her lover is an exotic Puregen. Even worse, he is royalty on his homeworld.

In Del Fantasma:Demonade, Trudy is a psyvamp. She doesn't deliberately kill, not now that she is more mature and experienced in her feeding, but her past is full of death.

In my current release: Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice, Letha has psychic abilities and lived under the suspicion of being demon possessed in
the religious community where she was raised.

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