Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It is chilly here in the High Desert. My flowers are doing okay, the extra rain has been nice, but--BRRR.

Yesterday was the last day of school for my kids. We don't have too many plans for the summer. Their usual summer activity is summer marching band, but that program got cut this year. My twins are really at loose ends since they are too young to get a summer job. My oldest got a full scholarship to a two week debate camp at UW! She also is job hunting.

As far as my summer, there is the garden. We'll take day trips to lakes and other outdoor recreation sites. Hopefully we'll get to Fort Collins for school clothes in August. Not a real exciting summer, I know, but we can't atke off work this year. Just one of those economic things.

My writing is planned for the summer: A second Shadow Clans vampire romance for Red Rose Publishing, titled Vampire of Solace Creek, set in rural Montana. Then edit and finish stories in my five part futuristic series, Sons of the Protectorate, also with Red Rose. And I have a WIP for another Del Fantasma for Aspen Mountain Press.

I'm not starting anything really new, though occasionally I will take breaks from all my WIPs and fiddle with a new idea.

I am looking forward to trips to the lake. I love my old Alphasmart!

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