Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plans: Summer and Futuristic!

Summer is shaping up!

My oldest childe, Cat, got a two week debate camp--full scholarship! We are thrilled and thankful--the kid lives for debate.

My twins don't have many plans--summer band got canceled, so they have lots of free time. They are not old enough to get jobs. I'm still looking for things for them to do. The library here has a great teen program, so they have that to look forward to, and Book Club.

I am spiffing up my futuristic series since Red Rose Publishing contracted Cybot Awakened. I plan to have Galactic Game subbed by mid July. It was a 10k short, I've expanded and lengthened it, added two subplot characters and more external conflict that meshes with other stories in the series (hmm, now that is not so easy!) Two other stories are partially written, the last story is but a dream.

When I need a break from the distant future and intergalactic space war romance, I have a WIP for another Del Fantasma. That series is so fun!

We don't have a summer vacation planned, but we hope to get out around Wyoming and Northern Colorado on some weekend trips.

Wish my seester Teriboberi wasn't 12 hours away!

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