Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank You, Readers

I just noticed that I had twelve sales at Fictionwise for Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice. Now, twelve sales is small potatoes in the publishing world, I know that, but I am still very happy.Link

"Why?" You wonder.

Have you seen HOW MANY epubs there are out there? Maybe 200-250! Have you seen how many books they put out every MONTH?? Click on the publisher link on Fictionwise sometime. It is shocking. So I am grateful for any sale at all.

I know how I am when I go to Fictionwise to purchase. Usually I have a Must-Get-Book! from a favorite author plus a little extra for something that catches my eye. I might buy a release from an author I know on the romance boards, or from an epub I'm curious about. Or I might buy something totally random because that day I was kind of interested in a western romance or a Halloween theme. Or the cover was pretty.

COMPETITION. For any epub romance author, the issue is to stand out enough to get a contract and then make some sales. We are all teeny tiny fishies in the big wide ocean of epublishing.

So, a big squeezy cyber hug to anyone to forked out their hard earned dollars for
Tiger Juice.

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