Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday--Glued to the Computer

I'm not a big football fan so today is Beckie Writing Time! I will partake of the yummy treats the Big Guy is fixing--homemade guacomole and salsa, chicken wings...

I'm tempted to run to the store for a better keyboard, I hate this stiff old Apple keyboard. I typo enough on a good keyboard!

This past month or so I have been involved in reading/beta swaps with several other authors. It has been great--I got some valuable feedback and made a couple friends, plus hopefully helped them out!

I'm editing the first of my futuristic series for submission sometime in February. I did write out a synopsis and partial on a demon/librarian romance that could easily fit into a series /continuity I've submitted to. I already have a requested full with the editor, so waiting, waiting. If the full gets contracted, then I have another waiting in the wings.

I had a med change this month(yes, the pharmaceutical companies own me) and I think I am less scattered as far a writing projects go. The demon/librarian story came to me one early morning like a lucid dream...very nice, I must say! Normally I have some type of conflict glitch in the middle of a story that requires brain power, but not with this story.

Has that ever happened to any of you, fellow writers? I'd love to hear of your experiences!


In other hubby gets to go to a seminar in the hometown of one of his best friends EVER, so he is staying at their house.

Daughter #1 got her driver's license right in time for slick nasty roads.

The twins, as always, are a month ahead on their school projects and our mail box is full of college promos from around the region.

I'm a Great Auntie! My niece had a baby girl, such a pretty baby. I want to kiss kiss her chubby cheeks and breathe in her baby sweet aroma.

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