Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Toy!

I have a new toy!
This is a Palm Tungsten E. I bought it on ebay, really cheap, around $40 including shipping, and it has a 30 day warranty. There are more just like it from the same seller if anyone out there is looking at cheap ebook reading devices.

I've had very good experiences with used electronics from ebay. My Alphasmart and my other Palm were both barely used and purchased very cheap on ebay.

Previously I read on a Palm Z22. The Tungsten E -TE- has a larger screen, about half an inch wider and longer that the Z22. It also has a sd card slot, an mp3 player and the battery is replaceable for about $25--all upgrades from the Z22.

I added a 2g sd card (sale price $22) and currently have 75 books and 4 albums loaded--and I still have lots of memory. I might fiddle with loading a video, and I plan to load pictures just for fun. I'm not a big game player but there is plenty of room for games.

The TE does go through the battery charge faster and needs to be recharged every night, while I could recharge the Z22 every two to three days. I may upgrade the battery, plus having a back up battery is not a bad idea.

The TE has more word processing functions than the Z22 and I plan to explore those in the next week, also.

I uploaded Mobipocket( which is free) as my ereader but the TE will read adobe pdf's also.

I suspect there is away to upload blog and news feeds and eventually I'll look into that since there is plenty of space in memory for daily feeds.

If you are looking for an e book reader but don't want to pay the price for a Kindle or Sony, you might want to consider one of these. Plus it has the normal PDA data functions for phone numbers, lists, notes etc.

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